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Accessories that goes with the current trend...!

Accessories are just like beautiful clothes and great grooming is a head turner. It’s more or less completes your look, be it however minimalistic or showcasing the bling. While we say only certain pieces of accessories suits certain clothes there are few pieces that we always reach out for and that in a broad spectrum will work with almost our entire wardrobe. Here are such interesting pieces of accessories that would make people turn their heads.

Oxidized Jewellery

While the conventional gold and silver accessories work wonders, be it the steady or gloomy days, you need something more experimental and oxidised jewellery would be a classy option!From Gorgeous Nose pins to whimsical statement neck pieces to glamorous bangles oxidised jewellery are the must have wardrobe essentials this season!! Flaunt every piece with vanity as you walk down the street. Over the past couple of years, the online silver jewellery store has become a firm favourite with fashion trendsetters in the city and beyond.Oxidized beaded jewellery is popular too with specific coloured beads contrasted to create a unique look.


Every Indian girl’s traditional look seems incomplete without proper accessories. They add a bit of poise and finesse to her overall look. Jhumkas are one such traditional accessory that surely is a fashion must-have in every girl’s collection. These have an antique yet trendy look, and have intricate motifs, patterns and designs which can enhance one’s look if worn correctly according to the facial profile. For a person with round face, it is best to go for something that is longer and slenderer and has a lower balloon-like roundness. While girls’ with thinner and longer face should go for the round or circular ones, with lots of motifs and appliqués. The asymmetrical bell jhumkaswould look particularly well on round face.

Kada Bangles

A staple of Indian jewellery, no look is complete without bangles.Kada bangles have been an inseparable style statement for every ages. Kada bangles hold a place of pride in wedding ceremonies of India. We are a country built on our youth, so how can we forget to mention the jewellery trends that sweep them by a storm? From statement gold coloured or brass bangles teamed with a bold ethnic look, to kada bangles will be perfect with any casual look, Bangles are teen’s best friend when it comes to variation in jewellery. The trend has caught up so much that today you can get kada bangles based in gold, silver, enamel painted, stoned or oxidised metals.

Terracotta Accessories

Terracotta jewellery is a very important element of terracotta art in India and it’s a rage among style conscious girls. It is an exotic form of ornamentation that adds a Bohemian look and can be teamed up with bright coloured outfits. The terracotta jewellery is hand painted in earthy hues – brown, grey, blue, green, pink and red ;all adding a rustic touch to each jewellery piece. In the present age, this jewellery has gained a lot of prominence even among the urban population of the country.It can be said that India has been the house land of terracotta and nowadays because of the flexibility of the art it has cut across every kind of barriers it's become a part of almost of each Indian household in various forms.

Temple Imitation Jewellery

Those days are gone, when women are investing their savings on gold jewellery. Not only is gold expensive to buy but also pose safety issues, considering the number of burglars lurking around. For ladies wearing jewellery is always a big image factor, which is portrayed by not just wearing the most expensive precious metal jewellery but also gold and silver polished metal jewel set, named as the artificial or imitation jewellery. To that category falls in the Artificial Temple Jewellery. Temple jewellery is designed with eye striking huge designs which depict God or Goddess face. Also, the quest to wear something new every time is a desire that every woman has. The artificial temple style jewellery designs are a big solution for the heavy gold temple jewelleries. The intricate nature of the designs makes them ideal for marriages and traditional festivals.

Imitation Bridal Sets

When it comes to bridal jewellery, brides usually spare no expenses to achieve that perfect look. Despite the big difference in pricing, it would be amazing that imitation jewelleries are still looking as elegant, as gorgeous and as breath-taking as any other expensive jewelleries in the market today. Gold is bought generally as a valuable asset for lifetime investment, whereas imitation jewellery/traditional jewellery has its advantages that make it the choice for infinite women. The dangling appeal and the fancy reception of bystanders and admirers to imitation jewellery is at the same magnitude as the adoration provided and paid to real and genuine expensive jewelleries.

Antique Jewellery

Imagine owning a piece of history; something that has been infused with the emotional life of people throughout the ages. There can be no doubt that antique jewellery has far more soul than anything off the modern jeweller‘s production line, no matter how exquisite it may be, so it comes as no surprise that antique jewellery is a perennial favourite with collectors from around the globe. Antique jewels are becoming highly wanted in the modern world because of their time-worn looks, state-of-the-art workmanship, and high quality gems used as well as their one of a kind rusty look. .

Kemp Jewelleries

Glass Cabochons referred to as Kemp used to be set in gold many years back were treasured heirloom pieces. Kemp means red colour in some Indian Languages but kemp stones (though generally red) can also be green or blue. These were called Vadaserry stone Necklaces or earrings or set pieces depending on the item. Glass, coloured using natural colors was cut into cabochons and set in frames. Today however, the kemp jewellery refers to Imitations made in copper or brass, with gold polish and glass stones.

Ear Cuffs

There are many different styles of ear cuff. Some hook over the top of the ear, using its natural curve. Most, however, have a fastening at the lobe for extra security that holds it in position in the same way as a traditional earring. Some may also have additional clips, hidden from view when worn, to guide the ear cuff up the ear. Others use slide-style clips that allow you to fasten the ear cuff at a number of different positions – this works especially well with smaller cuffs – and some will even hook into the inside of the ear itself, creating a real talking point.