Staff Welfare

We believe that staff is the backbone of our business and hence we take utmost care of our staff’s welfare. Happy staff makes for a happy company.

We treat our staff like our family and have provided them with all provisions to make their stay with us a satisfying one. We encourage convenient flexi timings for our staff for added convenience facilitating young parents to share ample time with their kids.

Apart from comfortable accommodation and food, we have also taken measures to provide our staff with good entertainment in their free time. For this we have a built-in mini theatre in their lodging place where will be screened two movies a day for people working in shifts.

Also, we have provided our staff with dedicated medical faculties to take care of theirs and their family’s health issues.

The most important thing for a healthy work atmosphere is a good work culture. We provide our staff with expert training and mentoring to impart them with good work ethics and groom them to be competent professionals.

We also offer educational scholarships to the children of our staff provided they meet certain prescribed eligibility criteria.

Most importantly, we provide special care to the artisans and families involved in the whole process.