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We have completely dedicated full floor exclusive collection for women’s sandals. Platform sandals, Flip flop sandals, Sandy sandals, Cork sole sandal, Slide sandal are the few ones in our collection which you can find in our Attakulangara and Pazhavangadi stores.

Wood Sandals

These are the latest sandals which have become popular since a while now. These new style sandals are made of wood that is actually a durable and tough material. It is similar to denims. They are water and dust resistant. The one here is simple with no buckle. They also come in a range of sizes and models that will last a long time.

Tatami Sandals

The other most favourite collection of women is the Tatami sandal. It offers maximum comfort and is flat heeled. They mostly come in buckle and sits comfortably on your legs to suit the various sizes. They are mostly brown in colour and also come in black.

Leather Sandals

Leather sandals are costly but last a really long time. They come in a wide variety of models, patterns and sizes. This type of new sandal for girls look really beautiful on legs. Leather is known to offer comfort for the heel and the fingers. They are also lightweight.

Rope Sandals

Rope sandals are another stylish sandals that look unique and are crisscrossed with rope laces wound around the leg. It is comfortable to wear and can be a little rare to find. This has no rubber on the bottom and is mostly handmade. It is adjustable and has been in use since a very long time.

Metallic Sandals

Metallic sandals are best and nice sandals, albeit its cost is usually high. You can find a range of colours among these stylish sandals and come in a variety of patterns and sizes. They are extensively found on online stores and come with or without buckle. Some of them are flat while others are healed.


Gladiators sandals are long sandals. It comes in different patterns and designs. They can be worn in numerous occasions in different seasons too. They look best when worn with one piece and short dresses. This way you can flaunt your gladiators and your legs fully. They can come in heeled or in a flat pattern. The flat patterns are the most common ones seen. If you want to select new stylish sandal, then you go for these.

Flip Flop

These are the most comfortable and cute sandals. These are the ones which we wear in our home on daily basis. They come in wide variety of colours and patterns. So, with beautiful colour and pattern, this flip flops can be easily worn outside. I have seen many people flaunting these flip flops while travelling. This cool sandal is also quite comfortable and perfect for a daily wear. These come both in a flat and heeled pattern. Further, this is quite inexpensive. They can be easily be found in local stores. Buy them from a good brand and they are sure to last a long time