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Disposable Plates

Better for you. Better for the planet. All of our disposable bamboo plates, leaf plates and eco-friendly party options are 100% organic, compostable and decompose in as little as 60 days. Now isn’t that better than paper or plastic?
Disposable paper plates are useful for any occasion. We have Disposable bamboo plates which are easy to use and dispense Cleaning and serving food for people in a party is never a deal with these plates .These disposable plates are made of 100 % biodegradable, food grade material and compostable tableware. These products are completely hygienic and affordable. All our products are made in India. They easily compost into the soil very quickly. Our products have been certified as bio-based products With an extensive range of plates, cups, bowls, trays and compartment boxes we offer a hygienic, safe and healthy catering solution for home and office use. Also available in Bulk.

You can buy disposable plates / Disposable bamboo plates in Trivandrum from Ramachandran mall.

  • Safer and Healthier than Plastic, Styrofoam or Aluminium containers
  • Can be used safely in a Microwave (+140 C) or Freezer (-20 C)
  • High-quality Durable, Oil & Water proof
  • Easily decomposable
  • Eco friendly