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Style Tips

The following things should be kept in mind in order to make you look beautiful and gorgeous in a saree

The Fabric Used in Saree:
The fabric used to make a saree also decides how you will look in a saree.
As a particular fabric made saree suits to a particular category of women.
For example stiff cotton saris give heavy look so these are not suitable for overweight women.

The Prints on the Saree:
Women generally should avoid big and large prints as they make you look large and gaudy.
If short women wear sarees with large prints then they look odd and shorter.
Small floral and leafy prints are evergreen and every women can wear such sarees.

Border of the Saree:
Border of a saree also play an important role in women’s personality in a saree.
Most of the designers advise to go for saree with no border or shorter border if your height is short.
If you are tall then you should wear sarees with broad border.

Color of the Saree:
For example for overweight ladies dark colors are best.
It is not only for sarees but all other dresses in dark colors make a plus size women look slim and beautiful.

Embroidery Work, Zari Work, Stone Work, Heavy Work:
If you are slim then heavy work will be best for you, if you are overweight and fatty then light work is suitable for you.
A saree with heavy embroidery work can make a gal look fatty and strange.

Designs of the Blouse:
A designer blouse can give a woman more beautiful, sexy and gorgeous look.
If you want to look gorgeous and beautiful then you should also consider the designs of latest trendy blouses.
There are so many types of beautiful designs of blouses like sleeve less blouses and blouses with short sleeve, long sleeves, short neck, deep neck, deep back, and backless blouses.
Apart from sleeves you may also consider blouse length, various sexy neck and back designs depending on how much you want to expose your back and front.
Embroidery, sequins, stones work also make a blouse very attractive and give women a rich look.
So be careful while selecting a blouse for you it should suit your personality.
Now it is not compulsory to buy a matching color blouse, you can also buy a blouse in contrast color.

Matching Accessories for Sarees:
Accessories like clips, purse, bag, etc. should match with the sari and should not look odd.