Trousers & Capris

Trousers, also called pants or slacks, an outer garment covering the lower half of the body from the waist to the ankles and divided into sections to cover each leg separately. In attempting to define trousers, historians often explain that if any portion of a garment passed between the legs, it was an ancestor of this garment. Thus defined, trousers can be traced to ancient times. Trousers can be worn literally everywhere – at home, in the gym, at the neighbourhood shop, at malls, at friends’ parties etc., and if paired intelligently, each type of pant can work well in multiple ways.

Capris are cropped pants that stop above the ankle but usually well below the knee. They are different from cropped pants like bermudas which stop above the calf and are less challenging to wear. Many women wear them in the spring, fall, and the summer as well. They are an especially popular choice when it is warm, but not warm enough for shorts. If you need versatile clothing for traveling, Capri's definitely are a great choice.

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